Off Road Recovery

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Off Road Recovery

Off Road Recovery | Aztec Towing Inc. - Farmington, NM

Not every emergency occurs on a highway or a surface street. Many towing companies fail to take that fact into consideration but here at Aztec Towing Inc., I am fully prepared to recover your vehicle no matter what state it is in. My off road recovery service is fully capable of recovering almost any vehicle.

I have already helped countless Farmington, NM drivers recover their vehicle after they have been in an accident. My off road recovery service has been called reliable, safe, and fast by those who have used it. Let me help you through a stressful situation by safely recovering your vehicle and getting it to a destination of your choice.

Nobody tries to get into an accident, but let’s face it, they happen. If you have been in an accident that has left your car in a peculiar position, please ensure the safety of yourself and any other motorists involved, then call me for trustworthy off road recovery service. No matter where you find yourself, I can help you get back on the road.

Here is just some of what my off road recovery service includes:

● Long Distance Towing—No matter where you want us to take your vehicle, I provide long distance tows.

● Light Duty Towing—Small vehicles can be easily recovered and towed by my professional towing and recovery trucks.

● Medium Duty Towing—Vehicles like pick up trucks, vans, and SUV’s are no problem for my fleet, even if they are in need of off road recovery.

● 4x4 Towing—I commonly get called out for off road recovery of 4x4 vehicles. Go out there and have some safe fun and know that if you get stuck, that I can help you.

The next time you need recovery services, don’t panic. Just call my number and we will be on the way to help!